Professor Laurie Hartman

Laurie Hartman is Associate Professor of Osteopathic Technique at the British School of Osteopathy, and has been teaching osteopathic and manipulative technique and manual therapy since 1964. He is in great demand internationally and has taught and lectured in 17 different countries with osteopaths, physiotherapists, medical manipulative groups and chiropractors.

Professor Hartman’s development of classical BSO techniques has been a major force in bringing awareness of osteopathic methods to a world-wide audience.


Handbook of

Osteopathic Technique

Professor Laurie Hartman

Osteopathic Techniques using safe and effective High-Velocity Thrust. Set of 6 videos plus 1 video on Specific Soft Tissue Mobilising.

The video set covers all aspects of patient handling and safe effective osteopathic manipulation. Total running time is 9.5 hours. The latest addition is 2 hours of general methods of technique and mobilising and is essential studying if you wish to improve your manual therapy results. click here

Videos of Laurie treating, live and unscripted